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Stuart Flynn - Owner of Kenwick Park, Lincolnshire

"I have worked with Eakin Macdonald & Associates Ltd for the last 16 years. Their expertise in arranging finance helped expand Kenwick Park back in 2000 and our relationship with them is still strong to this day."
Taher Tayeb - Owner of Estee Group
"Eakin Macdonald & Associates Ltd have helped me raise finance for over 10 years. Stuart's profound knowledge of the hotel sector has been invaluable when purchasing and financing my hotels. Their long standing relationships with specialised hotel lending teams is what seperates them from other brokers."
Nicholas Russell - Owner of Balbirnie House Hotel, Fife
"Eakin Macdonald & Associates Ltd helped refinance Balbirnie House in 2016 with HSBC. Although they are located over 450 miles from my hotel, Stuart's understanding of the UK hotel Market and relationships with hotel debt providers throughout the British Isles was of great assistance. I look forward to continuing our relationship as Balbirnie House continues to grow."